HP2C Projects

The previous initiative High Performance and High Productivity Computing (HP2C) supported in the 2009-2013 time frame a total of 13 projects.

The initiative and projects are described on two fact sheets "HP2C − an initiative for more computing efficiency: English Deutsch Italiano " and "Other HP2C projects and their chief initiators: English Deutsch Italiano ".

For additional information please refer to the project description on the HP2C web pages:

  • BigDFT - Large scale Density Functional Electronic Structure Calculations in a Systematic Wavelet Basis Set; Prof. Stefan Goedecker, University of Basel
  • Cardiovascular - HPC for Cardiovascular System Simulations; Prof. Alfio Quarteroni, EPF Lausanne
  • COSMO-CCLM - Regional Climate and Weather Modeling on the Next Generations High-Performance Computers: Towards Cloud-Resolving Simulations; Dr. Isabelle Bey, ETH Zurich
  • Cosmology - Computational Cosmology on the Petascale; Prof. George Lake, Uni Zrich
  • CP2K - New Frontiers in ab initio Molecular Dynamics; Prof. Juerg Hutter, Uni Zrich
  • Ear Modeling - Numerical Modeling of the Ear: Towards the Building of new Hearing Devices; Prof. Bastien Chopard, University of Geneva
  • Gyrokinetic - Advanced Gyrokinetic Numerical Simulations of Turbulence in Fusion Plasmas; Prof. Laurent Villard, EPF Lausanne
  • MAQUIS - Modern Algorithms for Quantum Interacting Systems; Prof. Thierry Giamarchi, University of Geneva
  • Neanderthal Extinction - Individual-based Modeling of Humans under climate Stress; Prof. C. P. E. Zollikofer, University of Zurich
  • Petaquake - Large-Scale Parallel Nonlinear Optimization for High Resolution 3D-Seismic Imaging; Prof. Olaf Schenk, Uni Basel
  • Selectome - Selectome, looking for Darwinian Evolution in the Tree of Life; Prof. Marc Robinson-Rechavi, University of Lausanne
  • Supernova - Productive 3D Models of Stellar Explosions; Prof. Matthias Liebendrfer, University of Basel