Review of PASC


Review of PASC


This report presents the outcome of the review of the PASC program undertaken the 3rd and 4th of December 2015 in Lugano by a panel of four international experts:

  • Bruce Harmon, Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University.
  • Thomas Lippert, Jlich Supercomputing Centre.
  • Jeffrey Nichols, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (chair).
  • William Tang, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and Princeton University.

They were supported by the program director Prof. Thomas Schulthess and by the program manager Dr. Benedetto Lepori.

The experts received detailed self-assessment reports from the PASC funded initiatives. During the review, general presentations on the overall program strategy, two of the codesign networks (climate and materials) and of the PASC conference series were held. This was followed by parallel sessions were the initiatives PIs had the opportunity to present their project and to discuss critically with the panel. The review was concluded by a plenary debriefing session. The review program and the list of PASC funded initiatives are annexed to this report.

The report is organized as follows. Section 2 introduces the program goals and the review objectives, section 3 presents an overall assessment, while section 4 formulates some recommendations for the next program phase. Finally, section 5 includes more in-depth assessments of the individual initiatives.

Here below you can find the full review.