PASC selects four "Focused and Exploratory Projects"


PASC selects four "Focused and Exploratory Projects"


The Swiss Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC) has selected six "Focused and Exploratory Projects. These projects have a more limited scope compared to the previous co-design projects.

Focused and Exploratory projects do address:

  • The solution of specific challenge, which represents a bottleneck for the performance of existing or future codes (focused projects).
  • The set-up of the background for future larger co-design projects in emerging domains of computational applications.

The selected projects are:

  • A highly efficient implementation of direct GPU to GPU communication in a library for direct exchange calculations (Stefan Goedecker).
  • Snowball sampling and conditional estimation for exponential random graph models for large networks in high performance computing (Rolf Krause, Alessandro Lomi, Garry Robins, Alex Stivala, Alberto Caimo).
  • Scalable advanced sampling in molecular dynamics using standalone tools for data mining (CHARMMing PIGS) (Amedeo Caflisch, Andreas Vitalis, Claudio Gheller, Michael Crowley).
  • Towards the HPC-inference of causality networks from multiscale economical data (Illia Horenko, Patrick Gagliardini, William Sawyer).

A description of each project can be found under PROJECTS.