Solid Earth Dynamics


The overarching goal of the network is to resolve structures and processes on a wide range of interactingspatio-temporal scales In the Earth. This unifying grand challenge inall branches of geophysics must be addressed in orderto achieve a comprehensive understanding of the Earth as amulti-physics system. Our effort will benefit from rapidly growing and easily accessible geophysical data, methodological developments in multi-scale modelling, and increasing computational resources.

Complex multi-scale interactions are characteristic for the physics of the Earth, and their proper quantification is key to the integration of interdependent geophysical systems that are today mostly treated as isolated.

Small-scale heterogeneities in the Earth, for instance, affect large-scale models of seismic anisotropy that are used by geodynamicists to infer convective flow patterns. The numerical resolution of small-scale convection is required for the accurate modelling of near-surface processes, including the evolution and dynamics of seismically active fault zones. In the dynamic rupture of fault zones, micro-scale processes affect macro-scale properties of earthquakes in a poorly understood fashion. Scale-coupling equally occurs in the magneto-hydrodynamic convection of the Earths outer core that generates the geomagnetic field and couples to mantle convection imaged by seismic tomography.

Addressing the challenge of multi-scale Earth modelling requires a coordinated inter-disciplinary effort combined with long-term application support that ensures a sustained impact on the geoscientific community. We will use the resources and support of PASC to develop the computational infrastructure that allows us to construct an integrated Earth model through the combination of multi-scale modelling and inversion of seismic, geodynamic and geomagnetic data.

Network Contacts

  • Network PI: Andreas Fichtner (ETH Zurich)
  • Application Support: Daniel Peter (ETH Zurich and Universit della Svizzera italiana)
  • CSCS Liaison: Will Sawyer

Network Members

  • Luis Dalguer, Andreas Fichtner, Taras Gerya, Domenico Giardini, Andrew Jackson, Tarje Nissen-Meyer, Daniel Peter, Johan Robertsson,Daniel Roten, Paul Tackley,Stefan Wiemer (ETH Zurich)
  • Olaf Schenk (Universit della Svizzera italiana)
  • Marcus Grote (University of Basel)

Additional groups from Swiss research institutions in this field are welcome to join this network. Please contact the network PI.

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