Climate and Atmospheric Modelling


The provision of accurate projections of future climate at regional scales, including changes in the hydrological cycle and the frequency and intensity of extreme events, is crucial for society. Yet, large uncertainties remain in current climate change scenarios. The main objective of the climate and meteorology community network is thus to improve the understanding of the climate and weather systems, and to sharpen the predictive capability on time scales from days to millennia. Several areas are currently investigated including, the water cycle and clouds, aerosols and atmospheric chemistry, and the interactions and feedbacks within the climate system, in particular in terms of atmosphere-ocean coupling and land-atmopshere coupling.

Network Contacts

  • Network PI: Isabelle Bey (ETH Zurich)
  • CSCS Liaison: Will Sawyer

Network Members

  • Dominik Brunner (Empa)
  • Isabelle Bey,Nicolas Gruber, Torsten Hfler, Ulrike Lohmann, Daniel Lthi, Stephan Pfahl, Christoph Schr,Jrg Schmidli, Thomas Schulthess, Heini Wernli (ETH Zurich)
  • Oliver Fuhrer, Philippe Steiner, Andre Walser (MeteoSwiss)
  • Olaf Schenk (Universit della Svizzera italiana)

Additional groups from Swiss research institutions in this field are welcome to join this network. Please contact the network PI.

Co-Design Projects

Grid Tools: Towards a library for hardware oblivious implementation of stencil based codes


Center for Climate Systems Modeling (C2SM)