PASC Program Review
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PASC Program Review

December 3 through 4, 2015, Lugano

The PASC program review which will take place the 3rd and 4th of December 2015 in Lugano.

The review will start in the morning of the 3rd December and will end in the afternoon of the 4th December. The main goal will be to assess the working, output and impact of the whole program, as well as of individual projects and community networks.

The review will be done by the four members of the PASC Scientific Advisory Board, i.e. Bruce Harmon, Thomas Lippert, Jeff Nichols and William Tang.

From projects and networks, at the least the PIs have to participate, participations of co-PIs and project collaborators is welcome. Projects will have to fund travel and lodging costs, whereas the program will provide lunches and dinners.

Projects and networks will be asked to prepare an activity report and self-assessment, in order to allow the SAB to prepare as well as possible their work.

More detailed information will be circulated in March 2015.